Repair in Bulk

Are there too many repairs for your team to handle? Is your tech team reeling under the pressure of backlog for repair? Are you tired of unresponsive "repair insurance" programs? PC Garage provides wholesale and bulk-rate repair services for many dealers and IT companies around the country. In many cases you'd never know as PC Garage stays behind the scenes.

We can fix devices in any number, whether 10, or 10,000.
We are the trusted repair shop for many companies. We have the staff and stock always available for your convenience. As more devices you have for repair, we offer you a tailored cost estimate for you based on the type of repairs required and the number of devices.

We offer

    1. Mail-in or Drop of services
        You can mail in your devices or drop them off at any of our conveniently located stores.
    2. No hassle payment and volume pricing
        We are transparent in our dealings and offer you an estimate before we begin repairs. Our average bulk repair cost is as low as x.
    3. Warranty on repairs
        We cover everything we do with an x month warranty. While drops and subsequent damage are not covered; any problem due to our install is covered 100%. No questions asked.

Please use this form to let us know about your problems and our team will get in touch with you shortly.